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Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

ENEV 841 Urban and Regional Transportation Planning (University of Regina)
Calendar description: Context and definition of transportation planning, transportation in an urban setting, planning and decision making, data management and diagnosis, demand analysis, supply analysis, study of a selected software package for transportation planning, reviewing of regional transportation studies.
ENEV 843 Urban Traffic Management (University of Regina)
Calendar description: Traffic components and characteristics, traffic stream characteristics, traffic flow theory, data collection and traffic monitoring, fundamental concepts for uninterrupted flow facilities, freeway capacity and level of service, traffic control devices, fundamental concepts for interrupted flow facilities, principles of intersection signalization, analysis of signalized intersections, pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
CIVE643 Fundamentals of Traffic Flow Theory (University of Waterloo)
Calendar description: This course examines the formulation, derivation, and application of theories associated with traffic flow on interrupted and uninterrupted road networks. Topics include traffic stream characteristics, human factors, car following models, safety, energy and emissions, and traffic flows at signalised and un-signalised intersections. Theoretical models will be tested using field data and simulation. This course was taught in collaboration with Dr. Bruce Hellinga.


Babak Mehran

Assistant Professor

Environmental Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina SK S4S 0A2 Canada

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