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Research Projects

Development of Strategies for Improving Traffic Operations and Safety in Winter
The main objective of this research is to investigate the impacts of extreme weather conditions on microscopic and macroscopic traffic flow parameters with the intention of developing weather-responsive traffic management systems through deployment of advanced ITS solutions. This research is supported by a NSERC Discovery Grant (2016-2021).
Development of Analytical Models to Evaluate the Feasibility of Demand Responsive Bus Transit Service in Low Demand Areas
The objective of this research is to investigate the relationship between bus ridership and socioeconomic factors in urban areas and analyzing the relationship between operational costs and bus service characteristics to design feasible operating models for demand-responsive bus service.
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras in School Zones
In this research the deceleration, acceleration, and the distribution of individual vehicle speeds upstream and downstream of automatic speed enforcement cameras is analyzed in various locations in Regina to investigate and model driver behavior when approaching or leaving speed enforcement cameras.
Development of Transportation Network Analysis Methods to Assess the Risks Associated with Transportation of Small Modular Reactors
The objective of this research is to develop risk analysis methods to address major transportation challenges and requirements when identifying the ideal site for a nuclear power plant considering road geometry, pavement conditions, location, and traffic conditions.
Improving the Efficiency of Winter Road Maintenance Operations Considering the Application Rate and other Properties of the Road Salt
This research aims to provide clear guidelines to assist winter road maintenance agencies in choosing the right de-icing/anti-icing agent and suitable application rates considering different winter weather scenarios.

Babak Mehran

Assistant Professor

Environmental Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina SK S4S 0A2 Canada

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